Winner – Education, Healthcare & Public

St. Camillus Tower

Location: Wauwatosa
Concrete Supplier:
Riv/Crete Ready Mix
Architect/Engineer: HGA, Inc.
Construction Manager:  Gilbane Building Company
Contractor: C.G. Schmidt

The St. Camillus tower features a fine dining restaurant, pub & deli, art gallery, theater, and wellness center. The 15-story wing shaped structure includes 2 stories of below ground parking.  A complicated feature of the project was the decorative concrete balconies.  To support the design load for the cantilevered balconies, a 6000-psi mix was poured using limestone integral color.

Another challenge was how to apply sealer to the balconies which was done by adding integral concrete sealer during the batching process.  A total of 700 cubic yards were placed.  The backbone of the building otherwise known as “The Core Wall” runs the vertical height of the building.  The exposed wall plays a critical role in the structural integrity while doubling as its elevator system. Over 3,000 cubic yards of the 8000-psi concrete were placed in the core wall.

The east tower is transforming the skyline of Wauwatosa and the availability of high-end senior living units. 168 units have been added to the St. Camillus campus. Over 25,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured on this impressive project.


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