Winner – North Central Region

Sentry Insurance Division Street Office Building

Location: Stevens Point
Owner: Sentry Insurance
Concrete Supplier: County Materials Corporation
Contractor: Findorff
Contractor: Lewis Construction
Contractor: Midwest Drilled Foundations & Engineering, Inc.
Architect: Flad Architects
Engineer: Pierce Engineers

The office building design relied on concrete to provide an industrial, modern aesthetic.  Over 22,200 cubic yards went into the 518,500 square foot structure to create suspended staircases, polished floors, footings, loading docks, a skyway, and multi-level parking garage.

The site’s irregular rock bed required blasting, use of flowable fill and drilled foundation piers to ensure structural integrity.  Delivery was coordinated between four plants, using multiple crews pouring concurrently.  The project continued through two winters, with crews sometimes pouring up to 1,000 cubic yards in zero-degrees.

Concrete was poured with the use of a tower crane and multiple pumps working simultaneously.  Mixes ranged from 2000-7500-psi to meet design specifications.  The parking ramp is comprised of high strength, air entrained super plasticized concrete used to create post-tension slabs, requiring 3000-psi within 24 hours.  Corrosion-inhibiting admixture was used to prevent rebar from rusting to ensure the project’s longevity.

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