Winner – Parking Lot

Stewart Avenue

Location: Wausau
Owner/Architect: Ghidorzi Construction
Concrete Supplier: County Materials Corporation
Contractor: Lewis Construction

As the commercial lot prepared to welcome a new surgical center, property owners decided to upgrade the property’s existing parking lot and extend it to the new center.

From years of heavy traffic, the asphalt lot began to show signs of aging and wear.  The owners sought to find a more durable material for its replacement.  A solution was found in the use of ready-mix concrete. The owners favored concrete for its strength and durability that contributes to a prolonged service life with minimal maintenance.

In addition, concrete is more reflective, reducing the number of light poles required to light the parking lot. The parking lot and surgical center were worked on simultaneously.  Therefore, the 4,000-psi concrete was strategically poured in sections, careful not to disrupt the other construction efforts.   The 4,000 cubic yard parking lot was constructed over two months and was completed in October 2020.

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