Special Merit – Concrete Overlay

Plank Road Pub & Grill

Location: DePere
Concrete Supplier:
MCC, Inc.
Contractor/Engineer: Milis Flatwork

This 46,640 square foot, 5-inch concrete overlay is a classic example of how persistence pays off.  The contractor stayed in contact with the owners from the day they took over ownership.  Although the benefits of replacing the asphalt  lot with concrete was appealing, it was not part of their initial plan.

Eventually the owners were ready to have the parking lot overlayed with concrete.  The contractor strategically placed the concrete, so the Plank Road Pub & Grill was able to stay open during the construction.

The mix design called for a 4500-psi concrete with 30 microfibers reinforced continuously throughout the overlay.  Not only was the Pub supplied with a quality concrete overlay, but it also added curb appeal which can be seen from Highway 41.   The concrete parking lot compliments the building.  It also increases visibility at night for the Pub’s customers. 

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