Special Merit – Decorative Residential

Curran Residence

Location: Eastern WI
Owners: Glenn & Jane Curran
Concrete Supplier: MCC, Inc.
Contractor: Anderson Bros. Inc.

This residential stamped patio has a couple of unique features. The steps were created with a foam form used to round off the edges.  Thin veneer stone was placed under the steps and LED lights were embedded in the concrete.

The same thing was done for the fire pit, with the forming and led lights.  The entire fire pit was framed, and the foam forms constructed were up on top as the  concrete was placed, stamped, and antiqued.

A 4500-psi stamped concrete mix was used with Cocoa color for the darker edges and Tierra color mixed in, with an antiquing  added to the design of it to give the multi-color look.  The skin pattern was stamped on all of the patio, steps, and fire pit.  A total of 35 cubic yards of concrete was used.

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