Special Merit – Municipal Facility

Sturtevant Skatepark

Location: Sturtevant
Owner: Village of Sturtevant
Concrete Supplier: Point Ready Mix
Contractor: Evergreen Skateparks

The Sturtevant Skatepark constructed in 2019 is one of the first of its kind that is referred to as a ‘skate path’ or ‘skate track’.   The circular track encourages perpetual motion throughout the park and holds a crowd extremely well despite the smaller footprint – all while offering a variety of features and areas to skate. It is a true example of maximizing fun on a smaller budget.

120 cubic yards of a 4,500-psi shotcrete concrete mix was used.  The mix contained pea gravel, non-chloride accelerator and a 20% fly ash replacement.  It tested out at 6,900-psi, providing an extremely stable surface.  The concrete was sprayed onto a rebar cage using a pump.  The unique shaping was done by hand to create the impressive looking skatepark.

Concrete’s versatility allowed the contractor to create the multitude of contours needed for the project, while maintaining long-term durability.

Special thanks to Kailyn Daum, Simon Freeman, Zach Karls and Chris Palomares for their input on the design and implementation of the skatepark!


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