Municipal Infrastructure

Sheboygan Breakwater Repair

Location: Sheboygan
Owner/Engineer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Concrete Supplier: Schmitz Ready Mix
Contractor: Michels Construction, Inc.

Phase 1 of this project included rebuilding the breakwater extending into Lake Michigan from Sheboygan’s South Pier.  The contractor installed over 2,500 wall feet of internally braced steel sheet piles filled with 7,000 tons of specified fill stone.  The outer perimeter was further protected by 2,000 tons of stone.

Scheduling the concrete pours had to take into account the weather since high water would be detrimental to the concrete placement.  For that reason, the original fall 2020 start date had to be postponed until summer 2021.

The concrete was pumped with a trailer pump from shore to a barge with a spider concrete placer for a horizontal distance of over 2000 feet.  The concrete mix was modified to insure pumpability and  extended slump life because of the extremely long distance.

Midrange water reducer, hydration stabilizer, and viscosity modifying admixture were incorporated into the 4000-psi mix. The final surface cap of this phase of the breakwater is 30 feet wide by 1 foot thick by 1500 feet.  1,800 cubic yards of concrete were poured for this project.


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