Winner – ICF

The Den at Fox Run

Location: Waukesha
Owner/Developer: Bedford Development
Concrete Supplier: Riv/Crete Ready Mix
Architect: VJS Construction Services
Engineer: Pierce Engineers, Inc.
Contractor:  KB Walker

The combination of polystyrene insulation and concrete known as ICF creates a superior building system. ICFs are ten times stronger than traditional wood framing and extremely quiet due to the density of the concrete and the insulation on the walls.   The contractor used a 4,000-psi standard concrete mix. Due to the height and size of the walls, much of the concrete was pumped into the wall forms.  To achieve the higher slump and workability of the concrete, a combination of mid-range and high range water reducers were also used.

Over 1,500 cubic yards of concrete were poured for the walls, and another 1,700 cubic yards of fiber reinforced concrete were poured for the flatwork.  On average, an ICF structure will have a 50% savings in energy efficiency over a wood-built structure, which is significant given the number of apartments within the building.

This past September, the National Ready Mix Concrete Association showcased the project as part of their Build With Strength campaign.  ICF construction is environmentally friendly and a financially beneficial construction method.

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