Winner – ICF

Dowland Home

Location: Mount Calvary
Owner/Contractor: Tony & Breyn Dowland
Concrete Supplier: Carew Concrete & Supply, Co., Inc.
Architect: Drexel Building Supply

Construction on the ICF home began in October 2019 with the homeowners, friends, and family members, working at night and on weekends.  Those that worked on the house had never used ICF forms before.

The frost walls, exposed basement walls and below grade garage walls are all 4 feet high. The basement walls are 10 feet 8 inches and the main level walls are 8 feet 10 inches in height.  ICF blocks were used throughout the house’s exterior.  The concrete poured was a 4000-psi mix.

The house has 2600 square feet on the main level with 2000 square feet of finished living space below.

Heating tubes were placed in the basement and garage floors. An extreme heat pump is the primary heating source for the house.  The homeowners think it will only cost about $1000 to heat and $200-$300 to cool the house annually.  The house was completed in October 2020.

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