Winner – Industrial

Kwik Trip – Kitchens and Freezer Expansion

Location: La Crosse
Kwik Trip
Concrete Supplier: River City Ready Mix
Contractor: Wieser Brothers General Contractor, Inc.
Architect/Engineer: Excel Engineering, Inc.

In the fall of 2019, Kwik Trip undertook a major expansion of the corporate campus in La Crosse with a 250,000 square foot addition.  Part of it was designed so the kitchens were able to produce more food.  The second part was an addition to their freezer.From a concrete perspective, this was a difficult project with a strict time completion of one year.  The interior floor was designed to have low shrinkage tendencies.  The addition of structural fibers assisted in lowering the overall cost from a labor perspective and enabled a shrinkage ASTM C-157 of under .03% for the project.

Concrete was paved along two of the three sides of the building using two mix designs.  Paving was placed with a 3D laser screed to insure accuracy.  Overall, this project has helped Kwik Trip achieve their goals of supporting their stores now and in the future with new products.

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