Winner – Industrial

Dalco Metals, Inc.

Location: Walworth
Dalco Metals, Inc.
Concrete Supplier: Schmitz Ready Mix
Architect/Engineer: MSI General
Contractor: Swederski Concrete Construction, Inc.

The contractor converted 54,000 square feet of asphalt to concrete generating an additional 1,350 cubic yards, delivering a green, sustainable  pavement.  Value engineering was used for the perimeter foundation in order to reduce schedule and save money.  Adjustments to the foundation & pavement elevations better balanced the site.

The 8-inch warehouse floor required a heavy dosage of macro-fibers.  A machine pit was introduced to the project during construction, complicating the interior floor placement. Because of the design build process, the contractor consistently kept up with the frequent plan changes.

The contactor assisted in the design process and offered the owner recommendations for future care of the concrete.  Many advanced systems were applied such as the Robotic Total Station, Noram 65E Road Grader, and PRX floor finishing technology to maintain complete accuracy of the foundation and concrete floor placement.

Team members successfully conducted winter concrete techniques in accordance with  specifications and worked through harsh weather conditions to complete the project on time.  Total cubic yards for the project was 3,486.

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