Winner – Northeast Region

Historical Fox River Mills

Location: Appleton
Owner: Historical Fox River Mills Apartments
Concrete Supplier: Carew Concrete & Supply Co., Inc.
Engineer: McMahon Inc.
Contractor: Concrete Creations LLC

The Historic Fox River Mills is over 138 years old, located near downtown Appleton.  The paper converting plant shut down in 1985 and the buildings are now beautiful historical apartments.

A location on the Fox River allows the residents to enjoy its features.  The courtyards provide the residents a place for entertaining and dining filled with natural sunlight.  The courtyard fell into disarray and needed to be upgraded, as the patio sits on top of an underground parking structure. Without repairs, the area would have been shut down to the public.

The old concrete was removed and replaced with new concrete and decking, using a 4500-psi stamped colored concrete mix.  Anti-hydro was used in the mix to waterproof the concrete.  The contractor antiqued the surface and then sealed the slab with a high gloss sealer.

The patio serves two purposes – one to enhance the area for the residents to entertain, gather, or  cook out. The other as a concrete roof for the underground parking structure below.  Total cubic yards of concrete used was 191.

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