Winner – Northeast Region

Acuity NE Parking Ramp

Location: Sheboygan
Owner: Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company
Concrete Supplier: Carew Concrete & Supply Co., Inc.
Contractor: C.D. Smith Construction
Architect: EUA
Engineer: Pierce Engineers

The parking garage began in October 2019 with large 250-to-500-yard mat foundation pours followed by 20 foot high structure walls.  Once the walls were finished, the contactor started pouring the post-tension deck. All the parking decks used a 5,000-psi mix and needed to achieve strength in 36-48 hours to tension the slabs.

The concrete mix included cement, slag and seven different admixtures to achieve the requirement in the post tension concrete.  Concrete testing that had to be done before starting to pour as well as during the deck pours were unbelievable.

The concrete deck pours varied from 400-700 yards.  They were struck off by hand to keep the integrity of the mix whole.  The 17,200 cubic yards of concrete was very durable allowing it to all be pumped in place.  The owner and contactor are very pleased with the project.

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