Winner – Southeast Region

Froedtert Health Parking Area 6

Location: Wauwatosa
Owner: Froedtert Health
Concrete Supplier: Riv/Crete Ready Mix
Contractor: CG Schmidt, Inc.
Architect: EUA
Engineer: GRAEF

The parking area is a 5-level, cast-in-place structure with 3,305 spaces, designed for a 50-year service life.  A high-density, durable concrete mix with low permeability was developed to have good workability and excellent fin­ish ability.

Fully encapsulated post-tensioning tendons were placed in the concrete to pro­vide compression to minimize cracking and reduce the overall concrete mass.  A 6000-psi compressive strength concrete mix was used in the com­bined floor slab and beams on the elevated floor levels.   The 52,300 cubic yards of concrete has a ¾ inch diameter maximum aggregate size, 6% air entrainment, a maxi­mum water/cement ratio of .40, and 2 gal­lons per cubic yard of corrosion inhibitor.

Concrete allowed the building to be construct­ed in four separate phases, each com­missioned into service while others were under construction.  The project includes Wisconsin’s first permanent natural gas-fired snow melter and the ability to expand vertically with two more stories. 

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