Winner – Southwest Region

Lexington Drive

Location: Middleton
Concrete Supplier: Wingra Redi-Mix, Inc.
Contractor/Architect: Moyer’s Inc.

This project involved complete redesign of a backyard patio and pool surround.  The concrete pool remained while everything else was replaced.  The work site was closely surrounded by buildings on two sides, fencing and landscape features on the other two sides and the pool in the middle.

Much of the work had to be completed with small machinery or by hand due to limited access.  The concrete was brought to the backyard with pour bucket attachments and wheelbarrowed into place.  The project’s concrete aesthetic included three different colors and finishes.  A 6 and 7 bag mix with a 25% slag replacement was used.  The main part is white concrete with a broomed finish.

The border is 8 inches thick with a smoke integral color, heavy stone stamping and charcoal antiquing.  Decorative inlays around the firepit and under the future pergola are sandstone integral color, orchard stone stamp and walnut antiquing.

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