Parking Lot

Fond du Lac School District Parking Lots

Location: Fond du Lac
Owner: Fond du Lac School District
Concrete Supplier: Carew Concrete & Supply Co., Inc.
Engineer: J.E. Arthur & Associates, Inc.
Contractor:  Mark Cardinal Concrete Construction, Inc.

The parking lots were a 2-year project that began in July 2020 when the contractor made a proposal to rework the school parking lots in concrete. In reality, the project started 5 years earlier when the contractor and Jason Kruger gave a presentation to the engineer on using concrete.

The parking lots are located at 9 different schools. By using concrete, a  light reflective surface is produced which makes the parking lots safer at night.  In addition, the concrete application will never pond over time.

4,500 cubic yards of concrete was placed with a 3D laser screed at a rate of 100- 350 yards a day.  A 4000-psi mix was used for most of the application.  Some of the approaches used a 7-bag mix so they could be driven on sooner.  The contractor only had three months to get the concrete placed while school was out for the summer.

By choosing concrete, the Fond Du Lac School District has low maintenance parking lots for years to come, while contributing to the environmental value  of this sustainable material.

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