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Portage Family Skate Park

Location: Portage
Concrete Supplier:
Architect/Contractor: Grindline Skateparks, Inc.
Engineer: General Engineering Company

Construction of the Portage Family Skatepark with ready-mix concrete, using a shotcrete method, was the only way to achieve the smooth flowing transitions, curves, and blends that were required by the design for this project. The concrete and shotcrete were finished by hand troweling to a buttery smooth finish.

Using ready mix concrete allowed the contractor to design and build any shapes imagined, including a concrete curling house, a replica empty swimming pool, stairs, banks, ledges, and curbs.

The use of concrete also provided the opportunity to add color. Integral color was used on the larger scale areas to provide an earthy, modern look.  Concrete stains were used to produce vibrant details – a red, white, and blue stain were used to create the concrete curling house.

The mixes were a 4500 psi air entrained with pea gravel aggregate for the shotcrete applications and a 4000 PSI air entrained concrete mix with #67 stone aggregate for the flatwork.  Approximately 250 cubic yards of concrete was used for the project that was completed in October 2022.