Special Merit

Holcim Green Bay Silo – Expansion Project

Holcim is a French Industrial company specializing in cement, construction aggregates, and concrete.

The mix used for the silo base was a 4,000-psi full air with super.  This was pumped into place because there were many pile ons due to the poor ground located near the Fox River.  The base of the silo used over 500 yards of concrete.

The silo walls totaled over 800 yards of concrete, in 25-yard lifts.  The wall mix was a 4,000-psi full air, full super.  This was challenging because there were 25-yard pours in the morning and afternoon.

In order to set up the 25-yard pour in the afternoon, a cable system was used to pull the bucket up to the top of the silo and spun in a circle to fill the top of the wall.

The silo stands at over 130 feet and is located in Green Bay, where it can be seen from miles away.

Project Team Members
Owner: Holcim
Concrete Supplier: Carew Concrete & Supply
Contractor: Borton Construction Company