Winner: Agricultural

Drumlin Dairy

Drumlin Dairy is the largest goat dairy in Wisconsin. The project in Chilton used a total of 4,777 cubic yards of concrete. The feed slab and manure pit used three variations of Natural Resources Conservation Service approved mixes.

The last four NRCS pours did not contain rebar, but instead contained Forta Fiber. Forta Fiber is a non-corrosive replacement for rebar that will help reduce and control shrinkage and temperature cracking.

Drumlin Dairy is the first project that the contractor has done without rebar. The contractor stated that it was cool to see the job unfold using fiber.

A lot of man hours were saved with the last four pours containing 7.5 pounds per yard of fiber for a total of 24,877.5 pounds. There were struggles during the project, from the poor weather to the massive supply and demand.

The project started on May 25th, ending on June 30th.  We all worked together as a team to pull off this remarkable project.

Project Team Members

Owner: Drumlin Dairy
Concrete Supplier: Carew Concrete & Supply
Engineer: GHD Services
Contractor: JP TANK