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Winner: Decorative Commercial

The Trade Hotel

Adjacent to the Fiserv Forum is Milwaukee’s newest luxury nine-story hotel.

Construction began in 2021 on a parcel given to the Bucks as part of the Deer District redevelopment.  The columns supporting the hotel are 8000-psi concrete with the decks consisting of a 6000-psi post tension mix.

To accelerate construction, the mix had to reach 3000-psi in 24 hours. This was difficult during winter months, so tarps were hung, creating a temporary enclosure to allow heat to be pumped into the building.

The first floor has an exposed concrete decorative floor.  Summer Beige was selected as the base color and a deep polished finish was applied to expose the aggregate.

A double rebar mat was installed, and a specialty admixture was added to reduce shrinkage.  Once the floors were poured, a protective mat was installed.  Months later the mat was removed, and the floors were polished, giving them an incredible finish.

The drive entrance is stamped using a historic looking pattern called “Stones of Athens.”  The pattern, a throwback to Old Milwaukee, was colored with landmark gray and highlighted with a charcoal release agent.

Almost 18,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured, resulting in one of the most beautiful hotels in Milwaukee.

Project Team Members

Owner: NCG Hospitality

Concrete Supplier: Riv/Crete Ready Mix

Architect/Design Firm: Jeff Brenkus of GBA Architecture | Design

Engineer: Pierce Engineers

Contractor/Construction Manager: J.H. Findorff & Son