Winner: Industrial

Excellerate Manufacturing

With over 15,000 cubic yards of concrete to place, keeping Excellerate Manufacturing on schedule seemed like a daunting task.

The Milis Flatwork team placed 9,200 cubic yards of floor slab on a 400,000 square foot building in just three weeks’ time.

The exterior pavement consisted of over 300,000 square feet of 7-inch concrete pavement. The exterior pavement was also completed in approximately 3 weeks’ time.

With the 7-inch unreinforced concrete pavement option, concrete was able to be competitive with asphalt.

The result is a long-lasting truck court that will provide maintenance-free service for years to come.

Project Team Members

Owner: FTI

Concrete Supplier: MCC

Architect/Engineer: McMahon Associates

Contractor: Milis Flatwork