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Winner: Municipal Facility

F-35 3-Bay Specialized Hangar

The 115th Fighter Wing at Truax Field in Madison is one of only three locations in the US to house the new F35 fighter jets. This maintenance hangar is unique in that it offers climate-controlled maintenance bays, a FIRST for the Air National Guard.

The new hangars allow the Guard to work on fuel cell maintenance, corrosion control, and weapons loading on the F35 jets.

There was a lot of logistical coordination required. Getting ready-mix trucks in and out of the military base, especially for large pours was challenging.

The project was on a tight schedule with the delivery of new jets. Entering the base required a valid ID, vehicle search, and an escort to and from the jobsite.

The hangar floors consist of a 4000-psi mix with high range water reducers, needed to meet a flexural strength of 650 psi.

The floors needed to be poured at a very accurate slope for two reasons, the first being drainage for the fire suppression system, and the second being so it could support the jet on its 3 points when the engine is removed for maintenance.

Project Team Members

Owner: 115th Fighter Wing

Concrete Supplier: Advanced Concrete

Architect/Engineer: FSB

Contractor: Findorff