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Winner: Southwest REgion

North Crawford School District Parking Lot

The North Crawford School District found themselves in need of a full reconstruction of their parking lots. Initially asphalt paving was the only option until a concrete alternate was presented to them that came in a mere 3 percent higher than asphalt paving.

The district’s choice of concrete has the added benefits over asphalt paving with lower long-term maintenance costs, better durability for bus and car traffic, and lasting an average of 30 to 40 years.

A Wisconsin Department of Transportation 72A2 Grade A mix was used for this project with the majority of 2,120 cubic yards of concrete being placed in four pours. The parking lots total 111,526 square feet.

This project required effective communication and teamwork between the contractor and the ready-mix supplier to meet the concrete volume demand and the tight project schedule.

The team’s hard work ensured the parking lots would be ready for use by the beginning of the school year.

Project Team Members

Owner: North Crawford School District

Concrete Supplier: Croell

Contractor: Milis Flatwork