Winner: Tilt Up

Fed Ex Ground Manitowoc, WI

With pre-cast lead times too far out, tilt-up was an easy option and allowed for an earlier completion date. Foundations, building slab on grade, and tilt-up panels were constructed simultaneously.

From the first foundation pour to the last panel erected was 120 days. The building exterior consisted of a 14-inch non composite sandwich panel. The face panel utilized fiber reinforcement to save on weight and construction costs.

The building slab on grade consisted of a 6-inch slab with 3-pound per cubic yard of fiber reinforcement. The mix used was a 4000 + MR straight cement. The performance R-value is 29, considerably better than precast. The building is a 100% thermo envelope which is very important for energy credits.

The contractor followed cold weather practices by using blankets when pouring the last panels in November and December. The last panels poured on site were high early concrete allowing the contractor to remove the crane from the site a week early.

Converting this 217,000 square foot building to tilt-up really increased the size of the concrete package.

Project Team Members

Owner: Setzer Properties ZGBY

Concrete Supplier: Schmitz Ready Mix

Architect: Bill Thomas Architect

Engineer: Innovative Tilt-Up Design

General Contractor: Vardaman Construction

Contractor: Milis Flatwork