ICF Technology

Are you looking to construct a building that not only saves you money in energy costs but is stronger, safer, quieter, and more comfortable? Look no further than building with Insulating Concrete Forms.

What are Insulating Concrete Forms?
Insulating Concrete Forms, or ICFs, are expanded polystyrene forms in block or panel form that construction professionals stack as a component form system to create frost, foundation, and exterior walls for residential and light commercial construction projects. Crews then add reinforcing steel and fill the gap (typically 4 to 8 inches) in the foam systems with ready-mixed concrete.

After the concrete has hardened, the forms stay in place and provide a sandwich of insulation for the walls and backing for drywall on the interior side of the ICF walls, and lap siding, brick, or other exterior finish systems on the exterior side of the ICF walls.

ICFs are the fastest growing building system in U.S. markets for both above and below grade. Once used primarily for residential construction, ICFs are now extremely popular in commercial markets – especially office, health care, schools, and hospitality segments.